My Absolute Favorite Yemenite Soup | SCD, GAPS, Paleo

Warm yemenite red soup, ideal for SCD, GAPS, paleo, low Fodmap diets

There is something so uniquely comforting about a warm bowl of Yemenite soup. When our family tires of chicken soup (our weekly staple), I like to cook up some steaming, flavorful Yemenite soup. The secret ingredient in Yemenite soup is the special Middle Eastern Hawaij spice. If you can’t locate Hawaij at your local grocery …

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Best Berry Smoothie

vibrant purple smoothie with strawberry, several blueberries, and a mint leaf

This is my absolute favorite smoothie of all time. I would literally have it every single day for breakfast if I could! (I only don’t because I know how super important variety is in the diet to best support the microbiome and lower inflammation.) Note that this smoothie is gluten and dairy free, SCD legal, …

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